Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Nativity 2

When I was in Jerusalem in Advent 2011, I went to a little shop close to St. George's College, where I was staying, and bought the one that is photographed. It is described as a reproduction of an old Byzantine icon.

I love the detail, in particular the depictions of Simeon and Anna in the two bottom corners, reminders of their waiting and its reward in their seeing the promised Messiah.

It is so interesting to reflect on those who got the first Christmas message, a reminded that God comes in unexpected ways to unexpected people. Shepherds would not have been at the top of any invitation lists - and why bother with the likes of these two elderly people?

What are you expecting to happen to and with your church congregation in 2017? And are you ready for the possibility that God will do something unexpected?  If so, how will you react?

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