Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Breaking Grace

I was really struck by a sentence in today’s comments in Fresh from the Word 2016. This week’s commentary is by Katie Miller and today’s passage was the most famous part of the nativity story outside of Luke, Matthew’s account of the ‘wise men’ finding and worshipping Jesus.

The story speaks to us of listening to God’s voice – the key characters responded to God’s call to go and find the child; giving gifts; and being prepared to be surprised – the visitors naturally went to the palace, but discovered that this ‘king’ was located in a very different place.

Katie draws a link with some charitable delivering of food hampers and the lovely response of huge gratitude from one particular recipient. She wonders whether they deserve the thanks – but then comments: “When we see heaven meet earth, God’s grace breaking through, it is fitting that we are overwhelmed with joy, pay homage to him, and offer our gifts.”

Are we ready to be overwhelmed with joy at the wonder of what God can do?

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