Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Vellore Visit

It is ten days since we got back from Vellore.  Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council, which I currently chair, has a long-established twinning link with the Diocese of Vellore within the Church of South India.  I spent the middle two weeks of February in India leading a group who were on a visit to the Diocese.  Schools were the main focus of this trip and so about half of the group of eighteen were teachers.  They each spent several days teaching in schools.  While there, we all visited schools, hospitals, churches and other projects.  It was fascinating to see how a growing church is functioning and making an important contribution in a culture that is very definitely not Christian.  How do we make the contribution that God calls us to make in our context?  How do we contribute to the infrastructure that supports society in a situation where many key things are state-funded and yet there are massive needs within large chunks of society?  What do we need to learn from different parts of the world?

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