Friday, 13 March 2015

At Punganoor

While in India, on our first Sunday, I was due to preach in a village called Punganoor.  We met up with Stanley, the young pastor, for the fairly long drive to the village.  He usually goes on his motorbike to whichever of his ten churches he is scheduled for leading worship.  The small group of us who went to that church found a church under construction.  There is a completed area, and that is where the worship was with about a hundred people crammed in and more standing outside.  The congregation was sitting on the floor.  There were just a few chairs at the front for us.  Stanley led worship.  I preached – and he translated.  There was some lively singing.  One of our group taught them a sung version of the Lord's Prayer (in English) with actions.  Stanley then led Communion during which he and I shared in the distribution of the bread and wine.   After the service there was lots of photos and lots of exchanging greetings (despite the language barrier) before we were rushed off to another of his congregations, who were waiting for us to come and give Communion.

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