Monday, 9 March 2015

Schools in Vellore

Arni School
Sipcot School
One of the interesting aspects of  my recent visit to Vellore was the opportunity to visit a number of schools.  Several of the group were teachers and they had the opportunity to spend a few days teaching, which they all found to be an interesting and enriching experience.  Wherever we went, we were given a warm welcome, often being 'shawled' or garlanded or receiving some other present.  Many of the schools put on a cultural programme, mostly of dance, but there was also some singing and, in one case, karate.  The Diocese is trying to place an emphasis on good education for girls.  There certainly seems to be lots of enthusiasm among the teachers we met.  Some of the schools we visited were in urban areas while others were very rural.  It was interesting that the school that most resembled a British one - in my view - was, admittedly, a very new school, but in a very rural location - Edayakuppam.  Some of the schools are Tamil medium - so teaching in Tamil - while others are English medium.  Resources are somewhat limited, though variable - and the layout seems to be traditional on the whole.  We also visited the Diocese's Teacher Training College.  The church is certainly making a difference in matters of education.  So, where should we be making a difference in the UK context?
Edayakuppam School

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