Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bus Stop Mission

Let’s not ignore the “e-word”, even though some love it and some are scared stiff by it.  In the material prepared for the United Reformed Church's evangelism year of Vision4Life we find a simple, but helpful, definition – “Evangelism is about people with a story tell … “  We have got a message.  Tell it!  

When we lived in Panama, the custom was not to answer the phone with a ‘hello’ or your name or number, but with the word ‘diga’.  It means ‘tell me’.  Let’s tell the story, our story – that is all evangelism is. 

Image result for bus stopWe can use imaginative initiatives to help us, and that’s great – but evangelism is so often what happened to Kathy.  I think she was over 80 when she started coming to one of the churches of which I was then minister.  And why did she come?  She came because Maud, one of our church members, started talking to her at the bus stop.  

The problem is – we’re British.  We don’t talk to people we don’t know at bus stops.

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