Sunday, 5 June 2011

John Wesley's Journal

I have just started reading John Wesley's Journal.  It is one of those - or in this case eight volumes of those - that has been lying on my bookshelf for quite a while.  It was a gift from my (Methodist Minister) father-in-law when he retired.  As I am on sabbatical across the summer, it is one of my (many) reading projects.

I am struck by the commitment of Wesley and his associates.  Their determination to discover and follow what God wanted of them is a really good model.  The 'holy club' they formed is the kind of thing that many of us could do with.

They were willing to engage in great adventure and risk because they felt it was what God wanted of them.  How ready are we to encourage and challenge our friends in responding to God's call - and to go wherever it takes us?

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