Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Church Has Got Talent

Tonight has been the final of the Britain's Got Talent Show for 2011.  It's an annual search through a mass of acts, many of them quite appalling, to find one that is really something special.  Indeed, as usually happens, they found several that could be regarded as special, though only one could be the winner.  However, as always, part of the story was the unexpected opportunity for talent to emerge.

I think there is a parallel with the church.  Too often we can lack confidence and are unsure of where we are going.  We need to remind ourselves to put our confidence in God.  As I go around, of course I see churches that are struggling.  I see churches that face problems.  But I also see so many good things that are happening.  God has equipped us with so much potential.  The Church has got talent - let's use it!

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