Thursday, 19 January 2012

City Walls

One of the things it is possible to do at the old city in Jerusalem is to walk round part of the city walls and so, with some free time available, I decided to do just that.  Lots of it was not particularly exciting with not a great deal more than views of rooftops.  However, there were some good views across various parts and it was good to have the high vantage point.  The views of the Jaffa and Damascus Gates were particular good as was looking across the city with the Dome of the Rock as a main feature.  I got on to the walls by the Jaffa Gate and walked round to the Lions' (or St. Stephen's) Gate which is a fair chunk of going round the city.  It was fascinating to see something of the buildings and effects of the three Abrahamic faiths and to reflect on the history of these and, in particular, in this city.  It was interesting to reflect on the timelessness, and yet the changing times and, as modern playground sits alongside ancient building, to consider what the great and constant tenets of the faith say to today's culture - surely a crucial question in every context.

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