Sunday, 8 January 2012


Whilst at Bethany we were reminded of the interesting fact that, after Jesus' visit to Jerusalem as a boy on that occasion when he 'got lost' in the temple, there is no record of his staying overnght in Jerusalem again until he was arrested.  However, he did, from time to time, when he was visiting that area, stay nearby and one of the homes in which he was welcomed was that belonging to two sisters and a brother, Martha, Mary and Lazarus.  They were clearly great friends of his and pleased to welcome him to their home.

When we visited Bethany, we especially focussed on that traumatic incident when Jesus was asked by the family to go to Bethany because Lazarus was very ill and, indeed, he died.  The story is so prominent because of Jesus' raising him from the dead, an incident that must have had a significant impact on that community - and reflecting on it was a reminder of the impact that Jesus can, still today, have on our communities. 

We visited the church on the site of Lazarus' tomb - and contemplated the resurrection message that is central to our lives and our faith.

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