Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Church of the Dormition

As a group we didn't manage to visit the Church of the Dormition, though we passed beside it.  However, three of us took the chance to go there on one of those occasions when we could choose what to do.  The Church of the Dormition dominates the top of Mount Zion.  It is a large white stone church and stands on the site where, it is believed, Mary fell into an 'eternal sleep'.  The church was built in 1910 by German Benedictine Catholics and there are some wonderful mosaics inside.

While we there we heard some terific singing start up and, following the sound, went to a lower part where a male voice were rehearsing.  What a tremndous sound - and another chance to remember the role of Mary and, indeed, of other women in the Biblical story, and to be inspired by the comtribution that each made.

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