Saturday, 18 March 2017

Telling the Gospel

Are you one who boldly proclaims God’s good news or do you keep your faith hidden so that most folk don’t know that you are a Christian? The apostle Paul is not ashamed of the gospel – see Romans 1:16-17. He knows that it is a story that needs to be told.
In many parts of the church we tend to say and think that evangelism is not our thing. But how can it not be our thing? We are called to be God’s people and that means letting the gospel leak out of us so that it contaminates those around us. That means finding ways of being a church that is relevant to the context in which it is set. Things change. They need to. We need to find ways of communicating the gospel in a changing context – and that is most likely to happen when we remember ouir reliance on God. In all of things, let us remember, with Paul the apostle, that it is our faith which sustains us.  The righteousness of faith is revealed through faith for faith.  

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