Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Revelation Road

I recently read Nick Page's Revelation Road, a fascinating look at the book of Revelation largely drawn from experiences of being in the area where it all happened, not least the isle of Patmos.

I was struck by the encouraging challenges which he picks out in his exploration of this unusual text. It certainly offers us food for thought and enables us to see the need to do things differently. The Christian way is not the way of the world. We need to work at the transformation that society needs.

As Page comments: "Because the message of Christianity - real Christianity, the wild faith which has always thrived at the margins - is that you can change things. The way life is now is not the way it has to be. Revelation calls us to buck the system, rock the boat, upset the apple-cart. It calls us to identify the beastly powers, to witness against them, to refuse to bow down to them and, most of all, to believe that things can change."

With God's help and inspiration, let's work for the changes that we really need to see!

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