Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Way of St Francis

One of the interesting little books that I have read recently is Murray Bodo's "The Way of St Francis" with its useful reminder that God doesn't expect us to do it all.

I particularly liked this passage: "How different is the thinking of Francis from those of us who fret about what is to be done to build up the Kingdom of God, as if we are the ones to bring about God's Kingdom on earth. For Francis it is sufficient to be poor out of love for the Poor Christ. The Kingdom is made present when God takes up his dwelling among us; and, as Francis reads the Gospel, God takes up his dwelling only when we are poor in spirit.  It is not what we do that brings about the Kingdom, but what we embrace that God might dwell among us."

What a useful reminder of the fact that we need to look to God. Trying to do it all ourselves just won't work anyway!

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