Friday, 18 November 2016

A Global Perspective

We live in interesting times. It used to be that there were relatively few major political surprises. The pollsters did their work and we knew what was going to happen before it happened. Things are different now. The pollsters have become unreliable - and the predictions of Britain voting to stay in the EU and Hilary Clinton being elected as the next US President have not come to pass - and we live in a rather unexpected world of Brexit and soon-to-be President Trump.

Miroslav Volf, in his book Flourishing, reminds us of our inter-dependence and the impact of globalisation on how we relate to each other. Volf reminds us of the importance of reconciliation and how that needs to be part of our encounters. He warns of the ease of saying the right things as compared to the difficulty of practice - "Reconciliation has five basic elements. We can simplify them to five injunctions - remember, forgive, apologise, repair, and embrace - each easy to formulate but complicated to understand fully and difficult to practise.

How do we model this in our churches?

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