Thursday, 25 February 2016

Finding God in the Ordinary

I recently read Gerard Hughes' "Cry of Wonder", a fascinating exploration of God engaging with ordinary lives, and so a reminder that God looks to relate to us. As Hughes says: "God is to be found in the ordinary, in the earthiness and messiness, the chaos and strife of everyday living. We live today in an environment where such thinking is not fashionable.  Self-preservation has become our God: it masquerades as peace and imprisons us in spiralling violence. The violence has its source in our way of thinking. Every individual is being invited to contribute to peace for all. We are created for glory, not for annihilation."

We need need to learn not to just be looking out for self, but seeing how we can share the light and love of God. That way the glory of God can be found in the everyday world. 

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