Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Present Moment

In "Travelling Light" Daniel O'Leary reminds us how "Three hundred years ago, Jean Pierre de Caussade SJ reminded his students that no moment is trivial since every moment contains 'a divine kingdom and heavenly sustenance' within it."  It is all too easy to get unduly caught up in the past.  Of course the past matters.  We should honour it.  We should learn from it.  It is also tempting to worry too much about the future.  We wonder what might happen, and that is not surprising.  It is sensible to make appropriate plans for the future.

However, it is always the case that we are in the present.  We ought to make the most of that.  I fear that too often the past and/or the future get in your way and we just don't do as we should. 

Sometimes, in particular, we are too impatient and we really need to learn that God's picture is bigger than ours - and that we are called to live in God's present for us.

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