Thursday, 13 August 2015

Communities of Rest

So often it seems as though what is important is to be busy.  Most of us seem to have lots to do most of the time.  Of course, there are tasks there for each one of us, things that God is calling us on do.  There is a need for activity - and there are times when we should be getting on with things.  

However we need also to hold on to the sabbath principle.  One of the other problems of our day is burnout.  The church that is trying to achieve too much won't even achieve what it ought.  I like my friend Michael Jagessar's idea of ' communities of rest' (suggested in 'Fresh from the Word 2015').  

Churches need to be places of action. when that is relevant, but they need also to be communities of rest.  As Michael asks: "As communities of rest, what are spaces for rest that churches create/offer?"

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