Thursday, 23 October 2014

Psalms For All Times

The Psalms are a great source of expressing how we feel.  They soar the heights and they plunge the depths.  They express how we relate to God, both when God feels incredibly close and when we struggle to feel any sense of God's presence.  Many have found it helpful to either try and write their own psalm or to offer new versions of the originals and these can both also be both helpful and in spring.  Thinking what you want to say to God and putting it in a 'psalm' can be a meaningful experience.

A recent example of this is Carla Grosch-Miller's "Psalms Redux" (Canterbury Press, 2014).  For example, from Psalm 3 redux - "But You, O God, continue to re-create the world, dancing at the fragile edge, breathing at the margins, in vulnerability offering Yourself again and again."

Or from Psalm 16 redux - "Fullness to my my emptiness, water to my thirst, ocean to my raindrop, still centre point that draws me in and and knows my name."

What might you say in a psalm?

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