Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Praying with Daniel

The story of Daniel is a story of faithfulness and of God’s care for a faithful Daniel.  Daniel was particularly known for his life of prayer.  His opponents tried to use that to trip him up, but his confidence in God paid off.  Daniel’s story serves as a reminder that our engagement with God through prayer works.  In Daniel chapter 9, verses 15 to 19, we have an account of Daniel praying for his people.  The most famous pattern prayer is the Lord’s Prayer, taught by Jesus to his disciples.  However, here is another prayer that models how to pray. 

In his commentary on Daniel[1], Doug Ingram comments on this: “Daniel’s prayer provides a wonderful model for us to draw on. It starts by praising God, making specific reference to how the Lord is portrayed in the scriptures. It then offers heartfelt confession, again drawing on scripture and noting specific ways in which the people have sinned. Next it reflects on the particular situation that has called forth the prayer, relating this too to the scriptures. And finally it turns to petition—and these are no feeble, tentative requests, but fullblooded, confident pleadings which, in clear and unambiguous language, call on God to hear, forgive, listen and act quickly, and all for the sake of God’s good name!”

[1] The Bible Reading Fellowship’s ‘The People’s Bible Commentary’ series

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