Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Celebrating Who and What We Are

One of the things I discover as I travel round in the course of my job is that there are many good things happening in the Name of God.  Of course, there are places where the Church is struggling.  We should not ignore that fact - but nor should we over-state it.

I have been reading "Renewing Reformed Theology", a collection of papers from a 2010 conference at Westminster College, Cambridge.  I was struck by a comment made by Roberta Rominger, which supports this view.

She says: "The theology I would like to recover for the URC is an unapologetic celebration that God is around and God is using us, the love of Christ is finding expression in things we do and lives are being transformed.  We're not pseudo Christians praying that nobody finds us out, we are the Body of Christ.  This is it.  We're not off the map, we're on it.  God is willing to do business with us.  But because of our inability to own and claim personal and corporate experience of a living, immanent God, we cower around apologetically instead of standing tall and presenting ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ."

Let's celebrate what God is doing with us - and let's get on with keeping on doing it!

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