Sunday, 15 December 2013


Spending a couple of mornings teaching Luke's Gospel at the Kuwadzana Christian Training Centre was one of the joys of my recent trip to Zimbabwe.

We focussed on what Luke says about discipleship, but looked at a whole range of other passages along the way, including the Magnificat, the Lord's Prayer and the healing of the demon-possessed man at the site now known as Kursi.

We also had a range of interesting discussions along the way, covering issues like demons, witch doctors, eating pork and how Jesus saw himself.

I hope the students valued the opportunity to engage with the Word of God in this way as much as I did.  My suspicion is that this kind of in depth Bible study is largely missing from our churches.  I can't help wondering how greatly helped would be our life and leadership if that was not quite as much the case.

At Kuwadzana we recognised the value of the exercise by giving the participants attendance certificates.  And why not?

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