Saturday, 28 December 2013


I believe that forgiveness is one of the most needed things in today's world.  There are so many examples of relationships that have got messed up and need a new start.  I have been reading Richard Holloway's "On Forgiveness" (Canongate, 2002) in which he suggests: "The real beauty and power of forgiveness is that it can deliver the future to us."  Forgiveness opens possibilities up for us.  Holloway goes on to refer to Nietzsche and his recognition of "how the past can rob us of the future and how our lives can be stunted by remembrance and sorrow.” He also quotes the ideas of Hannah Arendt who recognised that "forgiveness is always of individuals, never of actions.  We cannot ever forgive a murder or a theft, but we might learn to forgive a murderer or a thief."

Forgiveness is often a difficult area but it is an important part of our human capacity.  Jesus was very clear that it was something that we need to do.  He told Peter to forgive seventy times seven times.  Forgiving is an important element in the Lord's Prayer.  There are also a number of stories or parables that Jesus told to make the point.

Are we ready to pray and live that part of the Lord's Prayer?

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