Thursday, 10 January 2013

What Kind of King?

Some reject the portrayal of Christ the king.  They have difficulty with this idea, suggesting that the metaphor is too hierarchical and distant for the loving shepherd.  They want to emphasise a different view of Jesus.  Perhaps, if Jesus had fitted the traditional profile, the criticisms would be merited.  But Jesus is not an ordinary king.  He is vested not in fine silks and jewels, but in garments of humility and suffering.  He is concerned not with power, but with liberation.  The traditional king doesn’t fit the bill.  But the idea of a shepherd king, or a servant king, touches a deep chord in us.  There is a rightness of balance, a wholesome combination of authority and practical caring, which rings true and speaks of safety and security.  And the tradition is already there in David, the shepherd boy made king, a tradition that is now given an even more powerful meaning.

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