Friday, 15 April 2011


It is natural to want to be invincible, but we are not - and it doesn't even help to pretend to be so.  Indeed, on the contrary, we need to allow ourselves to offer our weakness, even our brokenness.

As Cheryl Lawrie says in Jonny Baker's Curating Worship (p. 62): "I've been thinking recently about our temptation to try to become more like God - more holy, more sinless, more perfect.  Perhaps the thing we should be working for is to become more human - more fragile, more vulnerable, more unfinished; to be better at being human.  We try to give people a chance to be more human in a space; then it's up to God to do what God can do."

God doesn't expect us to be super-human.  Our call is to offer our humanity.

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Clarence Heller said...

I believe that we must become vulnerable in order to encounter love, and that Jesus modeled this for us.