Sunday, 24 April 2011


One of the great gifts we human beings can enjoy is that of imagination.  Our imagination, if we use it well, opens up all sorts of possibilities for us.  We can dream.  We can have vision.  We can be creative.  Our imagination can help us to see how things might be different.

I believe that God wants us to use our imaginations to envisage all sorts of Kingdom possibilities.  We can imagine possibilities of justice.  We can imagine how love might change things.  We can imagine the impact that peace might make - and so on.

Imagination takes us into the realm of possibility - but the real trick is to work out which things we need to move from imagination into reality.  If God helps us to imagine something, ought we to be doing something about making it happen?

Today is Easter Day.  The first disciples were stunned by the resurrection because they hadn't managed to imagine that what Jesus had told them about his rising might possibly be true.  As they gradually experienced the impact of the risen Jesus, they began imagining what might be - and the church was born.

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