Sunday, 20 March 2011

Messy Church Last Tuesday

It has become fairly unusual for me to lead worship other than on a Sunday morning – but this was one such time, the monthly Messy Church at Dovercourt (Harwich). Messy Church has been going for about three years at Dovercourt. When I arrived all sorts of things were happening. Some people were doing a kind of treasure hunt, identifying various things around the church premises. Other were making models out of wooden spoons. Some folk were just drinking coffee. Others were just playing – and there were other bits of craft work going on. As is often the case, it was someone’s first time. Most of the around 15 to 20 children were quite small, but it is geared for that. And the adults were partly members of the traditional church and partly parents. I got there about 4.30. A little after 5 we all went in to the church for a brief service – 15 minutes – when I told the story of Communion and how it started, using a very approximately Godly Play format (for those who know what that is). We sang a hymn about the disciples and Jesus inviting them – and us – to the table – then went back to the hall to share a meal – lambburgers, chips and salad, followed by jelly and ice cream.

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