Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How Did We Do?

Have you noticed how many companies now ask us how we think they did? It's there at the top of my supermarket receipt. After our holiday I got an email from the company we booked through. I got my car serviced and the garage sent me a letter. They are all asking the same question: how did we do? Sometimes I wonder whether they really mean it - but today's marketplace is competitive and customer satisfaction is important - so I think the question does matter: how did we do? And I wonder what kind of realistic response to such a question might be offered to a first-time visitor to our church. How did we do? This afternoon I was at a 'Messy Church'. Someone was there for the first time and I heard someone ask her: did you enjoy it? But now I am wishing I had asked that slightly different question: how did we do?

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