Friday, 19 November 2010

Ministry of Stories

An item on today's UK news concerned the formation of a new Ministry of Stories, not a new government department, but an initiative by Nick Hornby and other writers to encourage story-writing amongst children and young people. The centre in East London will offer a range of opportunities to get involved in writing stories. What a good idea! Stories are so much part of life. I think there is a comparison to be drawn with the United Reformed Church's Vision4Life Evangelism Year, due to begin in nine days' time, on Advent Sunday. One of the key emphases of the Vision4Life Evangelism Year is to be encouraging each other to tell our story, and the hope is that helpful resources will be provided to enable that. Of course, we can enjoy the imagination and fantasy of creative writing. But the real stories of real people are normally incredibly fascinating and frequently have new things to say to us. Let's look for good ways of sharing the exciting story of what God has done for us!

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