Monday, 14 December 2015

Living Water

Meditation of a woman from Samaria -

I remember that day well, a day never to be forgotten.  It was close to noon as I made my way to the well to fetch the day’s supply of water.  I always went around that time of day.  It was usually pretty hot, but that way I got the well to myself and didn’t have to put up with the stares and comments – folk thinking that they could say whatever they want and absolutely no regard for my feelings.

But on this particular day there was somebody sitting beside the well.  I could see him as I approached.  He looked hot, tired and thirsty.  It was clear that he wasn’t one of us.  I could tell that immediately.  He was a Jew – and so I was stunned when he asked me for a drink of water.  Everybody knows that Jews won’t drink from any cup that has been near a Gentile!

I thought that he must not have realised who I was, what was my background – and I thought that I had better mention that little problem.  I couldn’t see how he might expect another Jew to be passing by, but I did not want to be accused of tricking him into using a Gentile cup. 

But then – and this really did not make any sense – he said that, if I knew who he was, I would be asking him for a drink.  I felt bound to point out that the only way to get water out of the well was with a bucket, and he didn’t have one.  How was he going to do the impossible?  Was he greater than Jacob whose well it was?  I asked him how, and what he said was this: “Everyone who drinks will get thirsty again; but those who drink my living water will never be thirsty again.”

That made even less sense, and yet somehow I knew that he was telling the truth.  I couldn’t understand how he could give me water that was so special that I could never be thirsty again, but I knew that I wanted that water!  I wouldn’t be thirsty.  I wouldn’t have to go to the well.  I wouldn’t have to run the gauntlet of all the bad-mouthing.  I wanted that water, that special, living water.

And, after it was all over – because we did talk some more, and then I ran off to tell this exciting news to the rest of the village, who were rather stunned to get such news from me – but, after it was all over, I wished I had given him a drink from the well.  I never got round to doing that.  And he looked so hot and thirsty.  I don’t think he would have minded where the cup came from.

But, if I had, would he still have told me about the special, living water?

See John 4:4-15

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