Saturday, 28 November 2015

Signing Up

I was at Evensong at Brentwood Cathedral today for a special service to mark the renewal of the commitment to partnership between Brentwood Cathedral (in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brentwood) and Chelmsford Cathedral (in the Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford).  It was good to see this marking of shared life in which the gifts and graces that the different emphases of different denominations offer was celebrated.  It is worth taking the trouble to say that we are in this work of God together and to see how we can share things and support each other.

In a similar, but more localised, vein, I am going to Little Baddow tomorrow to be part, together with my Anglican church leader colleague, the Bishop of Bradwell, of a renewal of the covenant between the Church of England and the United Reformed Church in that community.  In many places we offer different gifts, but we have in common that we are called to share the love of God.

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