Wednesday, 15 April 2015

God Got There First

Sometimes we talk about going looking for God.  In one sense, there is no problem in thinking that kind of way if it helps us in our discipleship.  However, when we properly think about it, it is important to remember that the reality is that it is God who comes looking for us.  We don't take God to places, which is another thing that we sometimes say - God is already there.  That is important to remember as we respond to the call to engage in mission.

I have been reading Marcus Borg's book "Convictions".  One of the ways in which we might express this idea is put like this by Borg: "To affirm that heaven and earth (all that is) are full of God's glory means that everything is filled with the radiant luminosity of God.  God, the sacred, pervades all that is, even though we do not often see it."

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