Monday, 22 December 2014

Sermon Tweets

Over the summer I saw a challenge to put my sermon in a tweet - and that is what I have been doing. So here are the first dozen (in reverse order):

21st December:
Preach @ Stetchworth - Mary encounters Gabriel, asks how "this" can be, learns nothing is impossible for God and expresses her 'yes' to God.

8th December:
Preached @ Wickhambrook yesterday-John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus while basing himself in the wilderness. Do we find such space?

30th November:
Preaching @ Gt Yarmouth today- Advent Sunday- what to say about preparing for the Christmas event to a society distracted by Black Friday?

23rd November:
Preaching @ Newmarket today -how awkward is it that Jesus tells us to do nice (but essential) stuff to those that society normally neglects?

17th November:
Preaching at Whittlesford yesterday- Deborah, prophet and judge, gives the example of using her talents for God, responding to God's call.

9th November:
Preaching at Haverhill today- our stories are important and need to be linked to God's story so helping us to be ready for God's call.

2nd November:
Preaching at Maldon today- leadership is about serving, recognising the need to reflect, the need to take action and the need to value all.

26th October:
Preaching at Burwell today - Be holy by loving your neighbour as you love yourself - what a great pastorally based church mission statement!

19th October:
Preaching at Hadleigh Suffolk - render to Caesar, render to God. We are called to responsible citizenship, but even more to "serve" God.

12th October
Preaching at Ipswich -God does not follow our conventions, but does call us to worship/discipleship and not to prioritise/serve other 'gods'

29th September:
Preaching at Debenham yesterday - Harvest Festival. What bits of God's good news should we be telling to others today?

14th September:

Preaching at Clare today - authentic forgiveness doesn't bear grudges, takes account of justice, is central to how we live and links to love

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