Friday, 21 November 2014


Michael Moynagh's "Being Church, Doing Life" (Monarch, 2014) offers a stack of stories from the fresh expressions genre of church.  He supports these with comments and guidelines with respect to how to be church in a new way.  Traditional churches are needed and valued, but we need to discover new and different opportunities for forming appropriate Christian communities alongside the existing models.  A problem that has been around is the attempt to fit everything into what we know.

By contrast, Moynagh suggests (p. 323) that ""Success" is not Christian communities that conform to existing expressions of church, but communities that have the capacity, through the Spirit, to criticize existing church."

We need what has now often been called a "mixed economy" - and all need to value the place of others.  Let's listen to see where the Spirit is calling us to go!

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