Monday, 24 March 2014

Fishermen Called

I have been reflecting once again on the call of the four fishermen to discipleship by Jesus as recorded, for example, in Mark 1:16-20.  The striking thing is that “at once they left their nets and followed him.”  The following is so important, but it cannot come without the leaving. 

It is also worth noting that Jesus comes to us where we are.  He was walking along by the lake.  That is where the fishermen would be.  It is also worth noting that he takes our skills and makes use of them, but first transforming them “I will make you into fishers of people.”

We might wonder about those who, like Zebedee, are left behind.  How do they get on, having been abandoned.  In a sense, we don’t know – we are not told.  But that mustn’t stop the leaving and following.

What is the adventure to which they are being led?  Why does Jesus choose these four, rather than some of the other fishermen that must have been there on the beach?  Where will he lead them?  Where is a net needing to be cast?

And what equivalent questions should we  be asking of ourselves?  And how are we answering?

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