Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Mud Hut for Christian Aid

Doing a bit of clearing up yesterday, I found the usual bunch of reminders of times past.  It was back in 1982 that my mate Angus and I decided to build a mud hut to show our community something of the message of Christian Aid and to encourage support of its work.  I was in my early years of ministry in Beith in Ayrshire and it was an exciting project that attracted lots of attention in that small town.  Indeed, we managed to get in to the news, featuring in the Scotsman, the Glasgow Herald, the Evening Times, the Paisley Daily Express and the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald.  Lots of people came to see and so we had lots of opportunities to share something of Christian Aid.  We had spent a number of weeks constructing our 'hut' which was then shipped in to the centre of Beith on a trailer.  We got a fire going to cook chappatis and spent the night in the hut to ensure its security.  A good reminder of the important work of Christian Aid, and indeed other like agencies.

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