Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Conversing with the Bible

We are people of the Word.  One of the main things we seek to do is to engage with the Bible.  We want the Bible to speak to us and to guide us.  If we take the Bible seriously, it will speak in to the way we live.  As Marcus Borg has it in Speaking Christian:

"To be Christian means to live within a community that accepts the Bible as its authoritative scripture. To be Christian involves a continuing conversation with the Bible as the foundation of Christianity. If that dialogue were to cease, we would cease to be Christians. The Bible is constitutive of Christian life and identity."

This doesn't mean that we have got an easy list of things to do, or not do.  That kind of approach won't get us where we need to be.  However, it does mean that we can identify points of engagement and consideration.

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