Monday, 8 July 2013


I have been reading John Polkinghorne's Encountering Scripture: a scientist explores the Bible.  In the book Polkinghorne takes a quick run through Scripture commenting on how it works for him and on the fact that the Bible contains loads of relevant thinking.

The Bible is a challenging book.  It's not an easy guide as to how to live, but enables us to consider how we should respond to the wide range of situations in which we may find ourselves.  Many folk, it seems, would like a clear line with "right" on one side of the line and "wrong" on the other - but that is just not how it is.

As Polkinghorne comments: "The tapestry of life is not coloured in simple black and white, representing an unambiguous choice between the unequivocally bad and the unequivocally good.  The ambiguity of human deeds and desires means that life includes many shades of grey.  Whar is true of life in general is true of the Bible in particular.  An honest reading of Scripture will acknowledge the presence in its pages of various kinds of ambiguity."

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