Saturday, 8 June 2013

In God's Slipstream

Another thought from David Male and Paul Weston's "The Word's Out: Speaking the Gospel Today" - there will probably be a few more to come.

Telling the Good News is obviously one of the key things in which we should be engaged.  However, one of the risks is that we think we need to create the opportunities for this.  We are reminded: "Rather, the sharing of the good news by believers is part of God's wider evangelistic enterprise, which takes in the whole of the created order and in which God himself is the primary agent.  In this context, what we do is secondary and dependent on what he is doing in and through us.  We are not alone.  Evangelism is slipstreaming in God's own witness to himself."

What a tremendous definition of evangelism - "slipstreaming in God's own witness to himself" - and how helpful to remember what can be put in other ways but is so important: mission is God's, and it is dependent on God, not on us.  Our task is just to join in - and the easy way to do that is to get in to the slipstream of what God is doing.

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