Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Importance of Celebrating

In his classic little book Celebration of Discipline Richard Foster lists twelve things, twelve practices, that he suggest ought to be part of our following the Christian way.  There is meditation, prayer, fasting and study.  There is simplicity, solitude, submission and service.  There is confession, worship and guidance.  And there is celebration.  I am so glad that celebration is on that list.  I like the idea of celebration as a discipline.  I like the thought that celebration is something that we ought to be doing.  Commenting on the practice of this particular discipline, he says: “Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit.  Often I am inclined to think that joy is the motor, the thing that keeps everything else going.  Without joyous celebration to infuse the other Disciplines we will sooner or later abandon them.  Joy produces energy.  Joy makes us strong.”  And he adds: “It is healing and refreshing to cultivate a wide appreciation for life.  .. Celebration helps us to relax and to enjoy the good things of the earth.”

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