Sunday, 1 May 2011


Often we talk about what we do 'normally'.  In the United Reformed Church it is a common means of our explaining our practice.  It means that we can say what usually happens, but we do allow for the possibility of something different.

I think it is a great concept to have on board.  We ought not to be all over the place all the time, just doing what we happen to want for the moment.  It is good to be rather more ordered than that - but it is equally vital to have room for the exceptional, and to accept that the common way of doing things ought, from time to time, to be abandoned.

Let's look for the different things that ought to be part of church life, making that special impact for God.


Clarence Heller said...

I read once that perhaps the best name for God is "surprise." I like the idea of welcoming the unexpected and being open to it. I also agree that having some order and structure are helpful.

Paul said...

Clarence - thanks for your comments. I absolutely agree that God is a God of surprises - and I like to use that description. Many years ago, when I was a student for the ministry, I remember going to a workshop on worship led by Alan Gaunt, one of our United Reformed Church hymn-writers, and always remember Alan saying that worship should always surprise us somewhere.